Insurance has changed forever.



Insurance has changed forever.


Smart Pools will change the way you think about insurance.


New insurance era

Any entity whether they already provide insurance or are interested in doing so, can now easily add ultra modern high efficiency insurance to their product, service or staff benefits.

Our Smart Pool tech will launch you into the future.

Low operational cost

Smart Pool tech provides 90% efficiency (compared to the ~50% efficiency of traditional insurance tech).

Using the latest technology we've streamlined insurance operations to bring new opportunities and value to the whole ecosystem.

As a Smart Pool Operator you set your % fee to scale with the size of your operation. Talk to us for more details.

Fair pricing

Built on Blockchain tech using an algorithm that ensures each user only pays what they really need to.

Each individual's fee is calculated daily based on their risk profile and the amount of claims being made within the pool.

If a user and their Smart Pool community managed to fill the pool’s fund because no claims had been made recently, their insurance payments would be set to $0 until a claim is made.

User centred fund

As a Smart Pool only needs 10% of insurance payments to operate. The rest of the user fees (90%) remain in the fund, available only to reimburse those users.

Traditional insurance models have misaligned incentivizes often resulting in delayed or denied claims and inefficient use of funds.

Our model is hard wired for efficiency, incentivizing quick claim payouts while showcasing that the money in the fund is always treated as the users money, because it is.

100% transparent

Nothing to hide.

We see insurance as a social good, connecting a community to provide financial support to each other whenever needs arise.

All Smart Pool transactions are stored publicly on the blockchain, which means you can see where every cent of your payments go... to benefit you and your community.